Error message “Android Gradle plugin requires Java 11 to run. You are currently using Java 1.8”

I downloaded the newest Android Studio, and I wanted to run the Android Jetpack Compose Project, but when I ran it, I got the error:

> Failed to apply plugin ''.
> Android Gradle plugin requires Java 11 to run. You are currently using Java 1.8.
You can try some of the following options:
- changing the IDE settings.
- changing the JAVA_HOME environment variable.
- changing `` in ``.

I already downloaded Java 11 and added Java 11 in


Make sure that your Gradle is using the proper JDK. Try running ./gradlew --version in your project’s directory. The output should be something like this:

Gradle 7.0-rc-2

Build time:   2021-04-01 21:26:39 UTC
Revision:     912a3368b654b71250dfc925a20d620393

Kotlin:       1.4.31
Groovy:       3.0.7
Ant:          Apache Ant(TM) version 1.10.9 compiled on September 27 2020
JVM:          11.0.10 (Ubuntu 11.0.10+9-Ubuntu-0ubuntu1.20.10)
OS:           Linux 5.11.4-051104-generic amd64

If the JVM points to version 1.8 then you should change it in settings. You can find it in Preferences → Build, Execution, Deployment → Build Tools → Gradle → *Gradle JDK.

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For Android Studio Arctic Fox (4.2), with 2020.3.1 Patch 2 on Windows 10 Pro PC:

Step 1

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Step 2

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