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Free Online JavaScript Obfuscator Tool

A free and efficient obfuscator for JavaScript (including support of ES2022). Make your code harder to copy and prevent people from stealing your work.

What is this?

This tool transforms your original JavaScript source code into a new representation that’s harder to understand, copy, re-use and modify without authorization. The obfuscated result will have the exact functionality of the original code.

So, it is like UglifyJS, Closure Compiler, etc?

Yes and no. While UglifyJS (and others minifiers) does make the output code harder to understand (compressed and ugly), it can be easily transformed into something readable using a JS Beautifier.

This tool prevents that by using various transformations and “traps”, such as self-defending and debug protection.

How does the obfuscation work?

Through a series of transformations, such as variable / function / arguments renaming, string removal, and others, your source code is transformed into something unreadable, while working exactly as before.

Sounds Great! Just paste your code or upload it below and click on “obfuscate”. Also, be sure to read about all the options to understand all the trade-offs between code protection and code size / speed.Copy & Paste JavaScript CodeUpload JavaScript FileOutput

JavaScript Obfuscator Tool

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