How to convert torrent files into a direct link

A place where we can leech torrent files and convert into a direct link for my downloading. Before I used to download torrent files using torrent clients and there were problems of low bandwidth because low seeds. But one day I came to know about . Where-in you can just paste the magnet link or upload the torrent file and then wait for few minutes for the site to process and give you the file in a zip format thus helping you to direct with high bandwidth as compared to torrent client.

I suggest you to use Internet download Manager to download files as it gives good speed.

The site link is

When you first register they give you 2gb of cloud storage but you can earn an extra 500mb i.e 2.5gb in total by signing up through my referral link –
You can increase the storage by suggesting it to your friend’s by your referral link. Every friend who connect with your link will also get 500mb storage space free. Means your friend and you both get 500mb storage space. You can add up to 4 friends.
+Twitter review post 500mb.
+Personal blog post 500mb or 1000mb it’s depend on your article quality.
+Youtube video review 1gb.
+Pinterest post credit 500mb. can be a next-generation product or service going to deliver the bit-torrent encounter into a completely degree. While torrents are certainly not precisely legal as well as safe and sound, nonetheless they have now grow to be part and also package of our on-line lifetime right now. And so, gain access to these in the quickest and also best way achievable we have now Seedr. :- An online torrent client that works just fine in almost every network across the globe. They also torrent streaming feature and there are options for non premium and premium users seperately. is a great alternative and a much better user-friendly website than and zbigz. You can use Internet Download Manager (IDM) to download cached torrents from seedr. The best part is that you can delete the torrents from the server whenever finished downloading, and get your space back for more torrents!

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