How to Disable a Specific Key or Shortcut on Your Keyboard

Want to disable a specific keyboard key or shortcut? Microsoft PowerToys, an official Microsoft app, makes this task quite simple. Here’s a quick guide on using the Keyboard Manager in Microsoft PowerToys to disable a specific key or shortcut.

Install Microsoft PowerToys if You Haven’t Already

If Microsoft PowerToys is not installed on your device, install the app first. Open the Microsoft Store app, type “Microsoft PowerToys” in the store’s search bar, and select Microsoft PowerToys from the search results.

Then, click the “Install” button to install the app.

Let the installation process complete, and you will come across a User Account Control (UAC) window. Click “Yes” there, and the app will be successfully installed.

Disable a Specific Keyboard Key With Microsoft PowerToys

Type “PowerToys” in Windows Search and open the app. Navigate to the “Keyboard Manager” in the left sidebar. Then, click “Open Settings” in the right pane.

Turn on the toggle next to Enable Keyboard Manager if it’s currently turned off. Afterward, click on “Remap a Key.”

Click “Add Key Remapping,” choose the key you want to disable under Select, and select “Disable” under To Send. Finally, click “OK” in the top-right corner.

If you receive a warning, click “Continue Anyway,” and your specified key will be disabled.

Disable a Specific Shortcut With Microsoft PowerToys

To disable a specific shortcut, open Keyboard Manager settings and click “Remap a Shortcut.”

Click “Add Shortcut Remapping,” select the first key of the shortcut (it must be a modifier key, or you’ll receive a warning), and select the second key. Then, choose “Disable” under To Send and click “OK” in the top-right corner.

Disabling a particular shortcut using Keyboard Manager in Microsoft PowerToys on Windows.

If you want to re-enable the disabled key or shortcut, go to the same settings, click the recycle bin icon next to it, and click “OK.”

Deleting the key remapping in the Keyboard Manager in the Microsoft PowerToys app to reenable the disabled key on Windows.

Like remapping keyboard keys and shortcuts using Keyboard Manager, Microsoft PowerToys offers various other features geared toward power users.

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