How to fix system requirements issues on Windows 11

One of the biggest confusions with the new version of Windows is the new system requirements, and this is because they are different from the previous version, and it’s not clear what devices are compatible, causing a lot of confusion among users.

Windows 11 official requirements

Here are the minimum hardware requirements to install Windows 11:

  • Processor: 1GHz or faster CPU or System on a Chip (SoC) with two or more cores.
  • Memory: 4GB.
  • Storage: 64GB or larger.
  • System firmware: UEFI with Secure Boot enabled.
  • Graphics: Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver.
  • TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0.
  • Display resolution: High definition (720p) display greater than 9 inches diagonally, 8 bits per color channel.

Confirm if device will run Windows 11

To confirm the basic hardware specifications on Windows 10, use these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Click on About.
  4. Confirm the processor, memory, and system type.
Windows 10 About Specs
Windows 10 About Specs

Quick note: The RAM has to be larger than 4GB, and the processor must be an Intel’s 8th Gen or newer or an AMD Zen 2 or newer. You can find more information on the processor compatibility in this guide. Also, the system type must be 64-bit since Windows no longer comes in 32-bit.

  1. Click on Storage.
  2. Confirm the hard drive is larger than 64GB.
Check Hard Drive Space Settings Windows 10
Check Hard Drive Space Settings Windows 10

You can also confirm the device hardware specifications on the manufacturer’s support website.

Once you confirm the hardware specifications, make sure the device has an enabled Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0. You can complete this task with these instructions.

Also, the new version of Windows requires Secure Boot. You can use this guide to check the feature state and the steps to turn it on as necessary.

Alternatively, you can run the official PC Health Check (download is at the end of the page) application to confirm whether your computer will run Windows 11. The tool will let you know precisely the compatible components and those that are not so that you can act accordingly.

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