WP Reset Pro v5.98n – Advanded WordPress Reset Tools

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WP Reset is a premium WordPress development tool, made by developers for developers. Debugging, testing and developing is hard and time-consuming. Make it faster with the right tool!

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WP Reset is a time-saving tool! If you spend most of your days in WP admin you’ll realize it fills a need you didn’t even know you had. There are no tools similar to it so the fastest way to see what it does is to see 5 things only WP Reset does. The video is short and has bookmarks so you can jump through it.
So it’s only for developers?
Absolutely not! The vast majority of our users are complete beginners. They use WP Reset to quickly test new themes and plugins, knowing they can always return the site to a previous state in seconds. And they use collections to install all of their free & premium plugins with one click.
Can I accidentally reset my site or delete something?
No, that’s not possible due to multiple fail-safe mechanisms. You have to confirm all destructive actions and even double-confirm the reset actions in two different ways.
Who’s this plugin for?
For everybody who builds sites using WordPress. Webmasters, agencies, and individuals who find themselves installing, building, and maintaining WordPress sites on a daily basis.
Can I move the licenses between sites?
Sure! Once you deactivate the plugin on a site, the license goes back into your license pool, and you can activate it on another site. This applies to cloud licenses as well via WP Reset Dashboard.
Where and how do I manage my licenses?
Purchases, sites, and licenses are managed in the WP Reset Dashboard. It’s a central place where you can also manage snapshots and collections for all your sites.
Is WP Reset a backup plugin?
WP Reset does not replace conventional backup plugins. Instead, it works alongside them to provide better protection for your site. Watch this video for a more detailed explanation.
How does the PRO version compare to the free one?
Short answer – the PRO version has three times more features than the free one. Long answer – see the full comparison table.
What’s WP Reset Dashboard?
The dashboard allows you to control your licenses, sites, snapshots, collections, and much more from one centralized location. It’s the SaaS part of WP Reset designed to save time when working with multiple sites by having access to everything WP Reset-related in one place.
What’s WP Reset Cloud?
Cloud is where you safely keep your collections and snapshots. It’s a no-setup service designed specifically for WP Reset users that serves as a storage place that’s always available from the plugin and from the WP Reset dashboard.

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WP Reset Pro v5.98n – Advanded WordPress Reset Tools
WP Reset Pro v5.98n – Advanded WordPress Reset Tools


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