WHMCS Order Form Template – One Page Order Form

One step checkout order form is the most powerful WHMCS order form template available in the WHMCS marketplace. It automatically bypass the 6 steps default checkout procedure of WHMCS to only 1 step.

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One step checkout order form is the most powerful WHMCS order form template available in the WHMCS marketplace. It automatically bypass the 6 steps default checkout procedure of WHMCS to only 1 step.


1. View Demo in Six Template

2. View Demo in ClientX Template

3. View Demo in HostX Template

4. View Demo in Lagom Template

One Step Checkout Order Form Template works awesome in most of the popular themes and templates. Checkout now.


1. Boost the Checkout Process of your WHMCS Store by 2X

2. Set Country Based Payment Gateways

3. Set Payment Gateway Icons from WHMCS Admin

4. Inbuilt GeoIP Currency Changer

5. Mini Cart for Mobile Devices

6. Detailed Order Summary

7. Informative Product Selection

8. Supports WHMCS Quantity Options

9. Works well with confiurable options

10. Multi Language Supported

11. Fully Ajax Based

We will keep on updating the feature list with more powerful features.


1. Startup License (Applicable for 1 Website domain) – $129.95

2. Enterprise License (Applicable for Multiples Websites & Domains) – $350

Choose the license package as depend upon your requirements.

What is included in the license package?

  • Free 1 year Support and Updates
  • Module Compatibility Fixes (For Any Module Available on WHMCS Marketplace)

What is not included in the license package?

  • WHMCS Installation
  • WHMCS Configuration
  • WHMCS Products and Services setup
  • Order Form Customization Services
  • Order Form installation
  • Order Form color changes

Paid Theme Services Offered with One Step Checkout Order Form

  • One Step Checkout Order Form Installation – $29
  • One Step Checkout Order Form Color Scheme Changing – $29
  • Hire WHMCS Developer – $30/hr


Is one step checkout template in one-page order form whmcs template?

Yes One Step Checkout WHMCS template is one-page order form template.

Does one step checkout template supports quantity?

Yes it supports WHMCS quantity option.

Does this work when the front end of the website is in WordPress or HTML?

Yes it works fine in that case

Can I add multiple payment gateways?

Yes you can add as many as payment gateways

Does it support multi-language?

Yes it supports multi-language.

Does it support multi-currency?

Yes it supports multi-currency.

Can I change the product plan’s contents?

Yes you can change the product plan contents from the products and services and it will be auto reflect after saving.

Can I add more payment gateway images?

Yes you can add unlimited payment gateway images.

Can I do the visual changes in the orderform with startup version.

Yes you can, all the tpl files are not encoded so you can do that easily.

Do GeopIP works?

Yes we offer GEO IP Location in our one-page orderform.

Is one step checkout compatible with Six, HostX, Clientx and Lagom?

Yes our One Step Checkout Orderform works fine will all the mentioned whmcs client area templates.

Do I get documentation for installation?

Yes you can install the one-step checkout orderform by following this path: http://wiki.whmcsglobalservices.com/index.php?title=WGS_One_Step_Checkout_Template

Is this license cost is for one time or annual?

This is a onetime cost license, you will need to pay for support and updates every year only if required.

Does installation come free?

Installation is paid, but in rare cases, we can help with it.

Can I install in multiple websites with one license?

One License is only for one website, if you want for multiple websites you need to go with the open-source version.

Does it replace any of the pages?

It will not replace any page. You just need to upload the fils in order form folder & activate it.

Can I show addons?

Yes you can show addons on the one-page order form.

Will the set Country-based payment gateways option overrides the gateways available per group when you configure it in whmcs?

First WHMCS default payment gateways come and after then our script will check what payment gateways have been assigned for that country and then it will override it. So there will be no effect.

Does One Step Checkout Orderform’ integrate as a WordPress plugin or as a WHMCS Addon?

It will integrate into WHMCS Addon. It has ajax based functionality with managed sessions technology of WHMCS.

Can I change the colors of the one-step checkout order form?

Yes we offer a paid service in which our developer will do the needful for you. You just need to tell us the color code. If you want to do it, you can do it into the CSS files.

Can you preselect the product and billing cycle with the shortcode using the one-page checkout?

Yes you can do that, Your user can directly land on the page with preselected products via ajax.

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WHMCS Order Form Template – One Page Order Form
WHMCS Order Form Template – One Page Order Form

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